After a while my host go offline

  • After a while, for example after 20 hours, my host go offline and i have to restart the SIA-UI to get Online again. What can be a reason for that behviour?

  • This can be cause by a internet connectivity or router issues but if youre sure that isn't it, it may be your firewall or antivirus software. I had a similar issue where it would stop the program from running randomly. First I created an exception for the program and dropped a shortcut to the Sia UI in my Windows startup folder but I still had up-time issues and wallet unlocking after updates. I eventually bought a Raspberry Pi and used the SiaBerry setup that has an automatic wallet unlocking feature. SiaBerry takes a lot of the guess work and troubleshooting out of running a host because they have removed all the problems caused by the OS and other software. Check out the quick start guide...

    If youre using a security router make sure you forward ports 9981 and 9982

    Windows 10:
    Double click the Windows Defender in your system tray -> Note which network is (Active) Private / Public -> Firewall and network protection -> Allow an app through firewall. -> Scroll down the list and find 'siad' -> If boxes are unchecked -> Click Change Settings at top and check the boxes that pertains to your Active network preference.

  • I had something similar when I backup big files ~350GB the file the renter module crash and host daemon crash. I suggest to have a look to logs files.



  • Thanks for help. The error was the uPNP mismatch in the fritz box after set port forwarding manual and switch of UPNP now everthingg works fine

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