Sia-UI attempting to connect to strange domains

  • I have been blocking these connections left and right with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium v3.4.5. I have seen enough of the popups now to where I think I should ask... why is the Sia app trying to connect to these domains? Here are some examples. I have to share these are an image so that this forum does not think I am a spammer.

    Sia Domains

  • Not sure that image came through. Here is a direct link...

  • @Darren Hiya, I asked this question 5 months ago. I still get Mbytes errors when I load siac.exe.

    Fornax (admin) said:

    This is a Sia host. Your client tried to connect to it to get information about the host settings, and to see if it's online (which it isn't).

    What I don't understand is why malwarebytes is worrying about connecting to a computer that's not even online.

    Here are the details about the host, it was last online a month ago:

  • @krebbin - thank you! I will continue to let Malwarebytes do its job. It doesn't seem to be hurting anything by blocking the connections.

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