Q : Using Sia cloud on multiple devices.

  • I want to know how to use storage on multiple devices.

    I'm using 1 TB of sia cloud. Let me know if there is a way to share storage space on all my devices, like a typical cloud storage.

  • Not sure I understand which way you're asking.

    Would you like to access the files that you saved into Sia on multiple computers? I don't think that's a production ready use case yet.

    In case you'd like to use drives from multiple devices as a hoster, then you need to make all your storage visible on the one computer (server) that's running Sia. You would typically do that using NFS or SMB. Then you can use these shared network storage devices normally as you would local disks.

  • @maol

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes. I am also sia hoster. But my question is, as an end user, I asked how to use sia storage on my own multiple computers or mobile devices, such as dropboxes or other cloud storage services.

    It is regrettable if the Sia client is not yet available on multiple devices.

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