Re: Transaction ID related to uploaded files

  • Hello Team

    Can anyone help me how do i get the transaction id of files uploaded using SIA. I am able to upload the files but not able to understand how many i have spent by uploading the files as i am not able to relate the transaction for these uploaded files. I know that there is wallet/transactions list me the transaction details but i am not able to related them with the uploaded files.

    Please help me in that.

  • I'm not renting so not speaking with any authority here - however it's my impression from following some of the threads here that there's very little detailed information available about the inner workings of that process, so wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't possible today.

    I'm also hearing that the next version, v1.3.3 will expose a lot more information in that area, and also correct some information that is currently displayed incorrectly.

    Read some of the posts here and on Reddit by @mtlynch and others.

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