Problem with connecting host after IP change from ISP

  • Hello!

    I Announced my sia host about 2 weeks ago and it has been running smooth since.

    Yesterday my ISP bosted my speed from 100/100 to 1 000/1 000 and I think in the process they changed my IP. Since then the host goes online for a while and works (sia.exe shows data transfering both up and down).

    But after a while the green host online turns red and says "Your host is not connectable at the configured net address.Check your UPNP or NAT settings"

    For me it is very counter intuitive that it works for a while and then stops. see me on both 9981 and 9982.

    I have noticed a discrepancy though. My old IP is my new IP is
    In siacoin it still however says in the "announce" section. And even though I have tried announcing again with the new IP (dont know if that is correct?) it still keeps the old IP address.

    Anyone have any input on what might be wrong?

    I just restarted host about 10 min ago and still running green. last time it took about 30 min before it went red. Hoping it will stay green now permanently.

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