how to reclaim my SIACOIN

  • Hello,

    is there any body here can help me SIA coin is delisted in Cryptopia but i didn't received any email about this it's quite long time already because i can't log in my Cryptopia account just today i log in my account, actually i emailed already the developer of Sia about this but their answer is it's my responsibility because they announce it in the discord or on twitter etc. my reason is you have my email in your system why no body can message me about this so that i can transfer it to my wallet. they said they can't do anything with it after you invest in this project but they can't do anything about this. i emailed many times CRYPTOPIA about this but until now no reply.


  • Hello, I'm in the same boat as you.

    did this ever get resolved?

  • how Many SC you have with them ?

    Siacoin miner


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