I Lost my coins. Weird stuff going on with transactions

  • Hi there, first of all i did not fall for that fake website, i have a unofficial android wallet that is safe(being using it over months)

    So i never touched my sia cause long hold, i try to send some a few times but it was not working , was fine with that, made it a longer hold , wallet was not synced so i synced it , because now i wanted to move it to bitrex,

    So all my 37K siaw was showing and is there, in my wallet, great , i try to make the transaction, its not working, then suddenly the wallet connects, and i see a transactions of 9 april, but the block creation was from 2hours ago. crazy.

    yeah weird story, i know,

    Pls try to help me out, i did not sent it out myself to this adress. and do not recognize it. where are my sia coins


  • Maybe maybe it is an old transaction or something ? i dunno!

    Pls help me out, i already checked hitbtc(wallet maintance) to check maybe if it is an old transacation i try to sent , but i cannot check,

    Bittrex adress was different.

    wanna know what that adress is, exchange wallet where it went to or wherever. i am affraid it is floating around, my sias

  • All i can say at this point is that those Android wallet dont allow you to send coins, they dont run with the last SIA UI version.

    I will suggest to download the SIA wallet and run a recovery with your seed and password.


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  • but the balance was 38k , is now zero and 1 transaction of 9 of april is suddenly showing. wtf

  • Somebody should fix it, so that's it his 38k balance is gone?

  • Nobody can help me ?

    I never did any outgoing transcation, i connect my android wallet yesterday , its gone.

    Now i download the official wallet, and says the password is wrong, but that is impossible because when i use the android wallet and use the pass i set it is opening.

    My balane is zero my 38 K of SIA is still gone, i have hashes etc.

    Pls who can help me

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    Your seed is your password after you restore your wallet from seed.

    Find me on the Official Sia Discord.

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