Polonıxe Withdraw problem

  • Hi

    I sent 100097.51830567 sia coin to 3a01baa073e327b73595edd3557ff8d489bd539a36c24c3d1350026abacf162197bbd388e45d adress from your adress but my transfer gave me an error message. my transfer didn't take place. can you help the transfer process happen ? I expect your help as soon as possible.

    My polonıex sia deporsit wallet

    my poloniex accaunt email
    [email protected]

    Could someone please help me to recover my Siacoins?

    Thanks in advance.

  • You can see my siacoin deposit event. I wait exact 75 days so Poloniex. I sent 31 January and It see my balance before 11 days. I wait 75 days. I hope your problem can solve short time. Poloniex support team better than before 2 months with Circle team.


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    Are you trying to transfer you coin out of poloniex? If that's the case, and you can't find the TXID on the blockchain explorer, you should contact poloniex support team to recover your coin since the transaction is never made.

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