Lost SiaCoin? Appears on BlockChain - Not in Wallet

  • Was looking for some insight on how to clear this error up and prevent it in the future.

    From my mining pool, SiaMining, an auto transfer of 648.64 SiaCoin was sent to my wallet. The transaction appears in the block chain, the amount is correct and my wallet address is 100% correct,

    However, the transaction isn't showing in my Sia app wallet.

    Wallet adress here: 6042b1ff51fae6a388632b6a9fa72fdb342688d827e7b7431826a0cfcb52808b910a35b51c19

    Block Here: https://explorer.siahub.info/hash/93dbad2f7618d94a7055b377fa588454076ac81c4c4fba0543a403ae959f131c

    Any help is appreciated.


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  • Thank you.

    Option 1: Use Terminal to reinitalize your wallet from your seed
    As with the above steps, make sure you have your 29-word seed before attempting these steps.

    Go to the Terminal tab in Sia-UI.

    Type the following exactly as it appears here: wallet init-seed --force

    In case that’s hard to make out, it’s one dash in init-seed and two before the word —-force.

    Once you enter this, you’ll be prompted to enter your 29-word seed again. Sia-UI will scan the blockchain for any transactions involving your wallet and show them in the Wallet tab.

    Worked perfect - just took a little while.

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