Posting data using API

  • How to post the information using Sia API

  • What are you trying to achieve, and why does it need the API?

  • @maol

    I am trying to post some information on sia tech Blockchain using c# or Node.JS. So exploring sia tech. Please help me how can I achieve it.

  • Use the first result from here

  • Seriously though, it sounds as if you're trying to learn how to interface with an API in C# or Node.JS. If that's the case, then go learn that first, then come back to the Sia API. I'm afraid I don't have a handy link for such a tutorial, but I'm sure you can figure that out.

  • Hi Maol

    thanks for the link. I found the way to post the files using Sia Tech API. But do you know is there any kind of test network where can i test the API. If not then how can i purchase the monthly plan?

  • please figure out how to use the search function

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