All I want to do is cash in some mining profits reliably at an exchange... Help!

  • I have a Poloniex deposit that has not recharged my account. I have opened a ticket, but I still have not received a response. The Siacoin explorer shows the transaction as confirmed. I have been waiting patiently. It is frustrating because I have been mining for a few weeks now, and the only transaction that I have been able to exchange for other currency is my first transaction sent to HitBTC. My subsequent deposits are in limbo to HitBTC because their Siacoin wallet has gone offline. Then my first Poloniex deposit goes through, but doesn't get recharged to my account. Finally, I get a deposit to work to QBTC, but I don't have a passport, so I doubt I can get verified.

    Any suggestions? Based in the US!

  • By the way, QBTC is working out nicely. They verified me based on my Indiana driver's license with photos and a selfie. I will probably be using them over HitBTC and Poloniex in the future if this continues to go smoothly! I will keep you all updated!

  • Please do keep us updated on QBTC. It looks interesting but also looks... new... and Chinese, from what I have read so far. I was going to open a Poloniex account but will hold off for a bit and keep an eye on QBTC.

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