anyone know what RPC Stats represents ? Error calls are quite a lot.

  • Hi everyone,

    As i made some changes to the pricing of my host, i was keeping an eye on what is going on on my server and noticed a thing.
    In the morning a "siac host -v" gave this RPC Stat output:

    RPC Stats:
    Error Calls: 1467
    Unrecognized Calls: 263
    Download Calls: 5767
    Renew Calls: 0
    Revise Calls: 7
    Settings Calls: 23484
    FormContract Calls: 2

    and when i got home about 12 hours after that i got this:

    RPC Stats:
    Error Calls: 3610
    Unrecognized Calls: 315
    Download Calls: 7287
    Renew Calls: 1
    Revise Calls: 22
    Settings Calls: 29772
    FormContract Calls: 3

    I got arround 12 contracts, but was wondering why the error calls are so much. Almost tripled in 12 hours ...

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