Crashing hard drive

  • Hi everyone,

    Really hope someone can help me here....didn't have much luck in this forum before :-(

    I have a hard drive dedicated to SIA and its currently busy failing, i allocated 2TB of storage but only 10GB is being used.

    i created a new 50GB folder but when i try to remove the 2TB folder i get a message saying:
    could not remove folder: no storage folder exists at that index

    what is the correct why to approach this?

    Is it possible to move everything into a smaller folder as i dont really have the space now....

  • Sounds like you got a challenge ahead of you! Can you restore from backup?

    From a Sia perspective, you would first shrink the storage from 2TB to 50GB or so, then remove the old drive and replace it with the new drive.

    Remember that Sia must always see the storage in the same location as before (i.e. drive letter [on Windows] and path).

    However given what you're describing, I wouldn't be surprised if even the shrinking process failed, as Sia needs to write to the file on the failing drive in order to shrink them. In this case, reverting to a backup, or being able to scrub the bits from the failed drive using whatever disk recovery software, are your only options.

    Good luck!

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