Wallet has funds spent in incomplete transactions?

  • I haven't used sia-ui in a very long time and i never send any transactions, but now that im trying to send 6k to Bitrex i get this error

    alt text

  • Before trying anything, you should check if Bittrex currently accepts incoming transactions. Siacoin is currently disabled on several exchanges.

    Having said that, this is not the reason you see the message, that's only to avoid that you're running from one problem into the next, once you've solved this :)

    This out of the way, try sending smaller amounts of SC until you hit the limit. I don't know how to check your incomplete transactions, so that's what I'd do. Maybe somebody else cares enough for you to read the documentation and figure it out!

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    Your wallet are not fully synchronized and are stuck on block 139885. Therefore, you need to delete consensus.db and resync.

    Make sure you are using the latest version of Sia-UI (v1.3.1/v1.3.2) and read this for steps to resolve your issue: https://medium.com/@sia_steve/sia-support-update-transactions-and-syncing-52dad5858711(Check this section: Issue: Sia-UI says it is synced at block 139,885, but my transactions aren’t updating)

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  • @SandBlock Thank you! that worked. I assumed i was synced because it went from like 97% to 100% after having it open for a while.

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