hitbtc siacoin wallet issues -- does anybody else is having the same problem?

  • I have the same problem.I do not know what to do? They always say the same. We work on it. The worst thing is that I went to Poloniex. And I only got half of it for my money. Is anyone can safe to exchange siacoin?

  • I have the same problem. Did get an answer from support:

    Eugene Moura (HitBTC)
    Mar 28, 10:35 WEST

    Dear Trader,

    Thank you for reaching out!

    SC is temporarily unavailable for the deposits, transfers and withdrawals due to the technical maintenance.

    Our engineers are working hard on the wallet update - please be sure that your coins are safe and the operations are going to be available soon.

    All the transactions will successfully go through. And the funds will be available for further operations.

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Eugene Moura
    HitBTC Support team

  • @rebel I've gotten the same one. It seems like we should be compensated for all the trading time lost with no access to our coins. It's very frustrating.

  • @roosbad try QBTC. The Chinese text does not completely translate on the trading view, but everything else is fine. If you've ever used a crypto exchange, you will have no problems using the site. They will instantly verify ID, even US driver's licenses. I am not sure about their fees, but so far, I am satisfied with my results.

  • It has been almost 3 weeks since I reported the issue and here and there their engineer posts the following BS (probably copy and paste to other customers):
    Apr 2, 19:27 WEST
    Dear Trader,

    Thank you for reaching out!

    Unfortunately, we can't state the exact timeline yet, but we assure you that our engineers are working on the top of their speed on the wallet update process.

    As soon as the coin is back available for the withdrawals you will see the information in the "Account" (https://hitbtc.com/account) and "System Health" (https://hitbtc.com/system-health) sections on HitBTC.

  • By the way I have moved my business to abucoins and very happy with their system/service. Hitbtc should be investigated for misconduct. How is it possible to steal money from people and have excuses? Why wouldn't Sia band them? Are they part of it as well? I hope not as I find Sia a good project.

  • @rebel
    have been waiting to send some bc to bittrex too

    pls update


  • Here is (see below) what I posted to their deaf/dumb/clueless/disconnected support but no response either. THIS COMPANY IS UNREAL.

    You know damn well about your corrupt system and you know your engineers cannot fix this issue. It has been weeks and you keep responding with dead end answers. Why not do this:
    I will organize a missing transaction (deposits) and you can compensate the equal value in litecoin or bitcoin or dodgecoin and let me transfer the total to a different exchange at no cost?

  • Any ideas where to place a complain about HitBTC officially? Any help is much appreciated to get this dumb company under investigation. I see a lot of complaints but there are portal/public websites. Thanks in advance.

  • I have exactly same problem and really worry about my withdraws ...

  • I have same problem too

  • This post itself is almost 3 weeks old. I hope this gets indexed in google so more people are aware of this crooks. I hope every one else stays on these guys anyway you can. Just keep posting here. I also noticed their stupid forum has been having an announcement for a new upcoming version for a while. It seems to me they are full of s..t. There are a couple of other exchanges that are similarly as bad as them but I am not going to post here as I have not been a victim, thank god.

  • Hello
    Siacinler has not been technically responsible for HittBC since March 21st. Is it possible that these Siacoin can be withdrawn and loaded back into the new wallet?

  • gmstuart,

    Thanks for your post but I do not think this is the case. You can actually see in the following link that SC deposit has been offline since 3-21-2018:


    SC Offline count: 6
    oldest: 2018-03-21 08:18 — Online Online Offline count: 0 count: 0 — — Technical maintenance

    you cannot withdraw or deposit. It has been down officially for a month. Imagine these kind of incidences in a traditional banking system and wonder why people criticize and are scared of de-centeralized cryptocurrency systems. Well I am a supporter but really it is very much like being in wilderness naked. Meaning there are no rules, no regulation, no support, and no accountability.

  • CoinEx is one of the few exchanges that currently works fine for buying and selling Siacoin.

    You can sign up for it by clicking here

  • Just curious if Binance has started offering Siacoin yet?

  • @nerdude said in hitbtc siacoin wallet issues -- does anybody else is having the same problem?:

    Just curious if Binance has started offering Siacoin yet?

    No, Binance hasn't offered Siacoin trading. Most of these exchanges require a 2 Bitcoin fee (minimum) in order to get listed. So unless someone is willing to pay that fee then chances are it won't be listed on that exchange. The only other way it would be listed is if the demand is big enough. The reason a lot of exchanges don't list coins is because it cost them money to have coins listed on exchanges. Coins have to meet a certain trading volume or they'll get delisted.

    Most of these exchanges that already have Siacoin are going through technical difficulties. I suggest if you're looking to buy Siacoin then the best place to go at the moment is currently CoinEx

  • I have deposited about 35000 Siacoin into HITBTC that have just disappeared!! I keep checking and every day there is a message about maintenance. I'm worried my siacoin have disappeared. Has anyone else lost there siacoin deposits into HITBTC lately??

  • What date did you deposit? I can post the exact dates and the missing transactions. I am thinking if Sia group is serious about future and in particular compliance and trust maybe they should step in. After all they chose to select this stupid crooked exchange to begin with and silence and staying on the sideline is not assuring. Other users please post more and escalate as it needs to get resolve. Again this is one of the biggest reasons that majority of people and population takes cryptocurrency business as a big joke. Do you blame them? The technology is present but the behavior is quite immature and unprofessional. Let me know if you need my exact dates and I have them.

  • By the way these idiots are still showing the same status after 40 days:
    SC Offline count: 6
    oldest: 2018-03-21 08:18 — Online Online Offline count: 0 count: 0 — — Technical maintenance


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