"Recover seed" concept**

  • Hi, I'm new here and something confused me a bit now.
    First, I made my first wallet from Sia-UI mobile app.
    I received some amount SC to one of this addresses.
    I will call it #1.

    And I decided to test cloud storage.
    So I installed Sia-UI on my Mac. I made a new wallet(I will call it #2) from the desktop application.

    Then I found "Recover seed" button,
    I wanted #1 to be used in my Mac.
    Entered #1 seed password.

    Now, I got confused.
    On mobile app, I don't see any balance.
    On the other hand, on desktop application I can see the balance in #1 seed address.
    So I thought when I recovered seed, the seed has kind of moved.

    So I tested.
    There are many addresses in one seed, right?
    so I have sent 5 SC from recovered seed (#1) on my Mac
    to the other address in #1 seed.

    Then I can see the only 5 SC on mobile app.
    On mobile app, I could see all the addresses and all I can check is one of those addresses?
    I didn't even point out particular address when I recover it.
    It was just seed itself.

    How do I clean it up?

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    The "Recover seed" button in Sia-UI will sweep your funds from the seed you entered to the current wallet you are using in Sia-UI, thus all the funds from #1 was transferred/swept to wallet #2. Hence the 0SC you see in wallet #1 after you use the "recover seed" button. Using the same seed on 2 separate machine is not recommended as it can cause problems.

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