SIA Exchange disabled on HitBTC and Polinex... and....

  • Hi, i tried on HitBTC and Polinex, on both SIA Exchange is disabled.
    Why ?
    I want to sell SIAs :-(


  • HitBTC SC has been under maintenance for almost 24 hours. It says they found the issue and are working on restoring it.

  • yes, but is not only hitbtc, also Poloniex, Coinspot etc....

  • @nadsas My Hitbtc account is working perfect. i think you need click the BTC option on top before searchng for SC

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  • if i want do deposit i get this message:

    Please note that deposits are temporarily unavailable due to technical maintenance. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

    SC Offline since : 2018-03-21 13:53
    Technical maintenance

  • this message still showing up at this moment. You should jump to Bitrex !!!

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  • PLZ Dev. Can You Contakt the HITBtc Team?

    Sia ist Down untill 03.2018 so 2 Month No Buy or Sell. I really Hope U can Silvester Thema Problems with Exchanges so Sia can find Strong.

  • Is this issue still happening?

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