SIA host not responding to requests

  • Hi all, I'm running a host on Win 10 64x and have recently installed a new 5TB USB drive. After a few hours working SIA-UI stops responding to requests like host -v and also shows inactive on (although SIA-UI still says it's active). Having investigated the issue I found that there is a writing activity to the new drive going on at 20MB/s in average, and the drive is 99% busy although there are hardly any upload/download activities on the new drive. It looks like the entire siahostdata.dat file is being updated (which is nearly 5TB in size). During this operation I can't get any response from siad, my hosts remains inactive (which impacts my score negatively), and I'm running a risk of losing my collateral.

    Restarting SIA-UI helps but after a couple of hours the issue comes back. I found this link where a very similar issue is described ( but no ways of solving it.

    Please anyone help me, because I'm really concerned about this.

  • Okay, looks like I'm the only one who was having this issue. Yes, the issue is gone. No one has responded but I'm writing this in case someone would be interested in future.

    After a couple of days the I/O activity on the USB drive has ceased and siad started responding to requests again, all previous requests went through as well. I've lost none of the collateral. My score hasn't got much worse, uptimeadjustment score went down to 0,47 only. However, the historic uptime was not affected, so I haven't lost any contracts.

    So I'm happy that the issue is gone. However, it made me worry quite a bit.

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