Sia price topic.

  • Hi alk check out my post on the continual talk about sia price and why it aint doing well. You might find it interesting coming from an economics buff.

    Once again sorry for the spelling, grammar but I am out and about on my phone.

  • Siacoin price pumping up?
    What the news?

  • Price pumping. Its barely recovering. Learn basic econonics before you see a pump.

    To declare a pump I need to see expotential growth after .03 usc. And climbing. Sia needs to get this product out mainstream ASAP.

  • Sia coin is doing its best. But I am really confused about the the Cryptocurrency Comparsions.

  • think about sia coin as a utility token rather than an a gambling option.
    the more utilization, the more value

  • Siacoin has seen a lot of price fluctuations in the year 2018. Currently, Siacoin (SC) is trading at $0.0059. The SC price Chart trend has shown a steady decline since January 2018 from 0.0971 US Dollars to the current SC value.

    There is a possible increase in the Sia coins price, which is predicted to increase to $0.0249 by the end of this year. The Siacoin price prediction shows a rise since Siacoin is one of the most popular platforms for cloud storage of data in a decentralised blockchain network. In the year 2023, the Siacoin price is forecasted to stand at $0.0557 .

  • I personally do not see any lasting price increas for a utility coin like SIA until there is a solid utilization of the storage it is born to pay for... I'd not bet for SC as an investment veichle, honestly

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