Good Use Cases for Siacoin

  • It states in the github that Sia works best for static content, but one of the use cases listed is for personal backup, which would seem to change constantly? So what is more granular advice on good use cases for siacoin, in terms of frequency of updates?

    For those using it for personal backup, how frequently do the backups occur? Is it every 24 hours or closer to every few minutes (like some commercial services)? Is it possible to save old versions of files?

  • perhaps you got it a bit worng; SIA is serving as a gigantic harddisk distributed amongst a lot of physical nodes. Together they make up a decantralized, distributed back en for storing files. The current UI can upload and down load single files.

    Any advanced utilization is thought to be brought by the community or partners,

    For your case as back up have a look at the duplicati integration;

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