Sia wallet bug ?

  • I had a fairly unpleasant experience with the Sia hosting system in the wallet.

    I finally mined 500 Sia on Nanopool .. Enough for a payout .. after weeks and weeks of mining.

    I recieve the Sia in my wallet.

    I allocate 10 Tb on my NAS, and the Sia wallet accepts the allocated space, and initializes NAS-space.

    I set all fees to default minus 25% (more or less), and I enable "Accepting Contracts".

    Finally I click "Announce" ..

    The very next day my wallet is "adjusted" to ZERO ... wtf ? :-)

    My wallet contains exactly 3 transactions ..

    1. I recieve my Sia from NanoPool :
      Tx: 5c00d4bc19f2324d647b429d0e95014dccf87036c4cf4efec5746dcfe35163e5 (+498 Sia)

    2. I announce storage space for rent :
      Tx: 1ede7769ec161bbb5853afb121b632702c2ac3f2dee42bdd9542fe556d8e46e2 (-0.018 Sia)

    3: Some transaction I have no knowledge about .. the bug .. the hack .. the wierd transaction :
    Tx: 261a4ad73f7e4d05cc7012551aca3210a87517c9139996701c461225255da271 (- everything)

    Is it possible to trace/follow transaction 3 here ?

    Who .. Why .. Punishment (Collateral) (if its collateral punishment, could you fix the connection-issue so so many have reported on the net, and that I suffer too .. Connection is good for a while, and then it disconnects .. none of my other miners/wallets exibits this behavior).

    And .. why am I not notified that collateral punishment has been substracted from my account, instead of
    leaving me guessing ?

    Can anyone help ?
    Recovering my Sia is probally not possible, but with a few answers to above I might feel less obliged to warn
    my peers about Sia.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @m.d.frederiksen host -v in the GUI Terminal will tell you the amount of SC allocated as collateral as 'Locked Collateral'.

    Unless your setting for collateral, collateralbudget, and maxcollateral are extremely low, I will note that 500SC is a low starting point. When I starting hosting just 500GB with 1500SC and a collateral set to ~100SC, my balance nearly depleted before by first contract finished and I started receiving collateral and revenue back.

  • I think you are right ...

    I had (and still have) no thourough understanding of the Sia-concept of storage-selling/sharing.

    But ask yourself .. Is it a good thing for the overall Sia platform that users can fuck themselves over so easily ?
    Any wallet that can auto-remove funds is inherently dangerous, if the concept is not FULLY understood.

    No warnings, no calculations indicating "a risky setup", or warnings that current amount of Sia funds would be
    gone in 6-7 hours with current settings ... (And my settings were very conservative ... VERY)

    However .. When the Sia-client chooses to disconnect "the masternode" in the middle of the night when
    I am sleeping, and the Sia-system then punishes me for it - that makes me want to badmouth Sia ... a lot .. in many places.

    I might even spend a few Ethers having a few monkeys spam forums warning about Sia .. Yes, I am angry now.

    But .. I thank you for the "host -v" hint ... Useful knowledge :-)

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