Announcing: Sia Cluster

  • Dear Sia Community,

    We would like to introduce a release of our project called "Sia Cluster".

    In short, Sia Cluster is a tool that allows you to monitor and manage multiple instances of Sia on remote computers from a central location using a web-driven dashboard.

    We created a small sia-specific in-house solution that allows monitoring of multiple siad hosts with a dashboard view. Since then, the project has grown and we are now publishing this project into the Open Source realm with MIT license with hopes that it will be helpful to Sia users, especially those who offer rentable storage from multiple computers.

    Sia Cluster can be easily customized by developers if needed and we are planning on adding additional features down the road. For now, we are looking for testing and feedback.

    Sia Cluster features include:

    • Pegging of storage cost to USD (based on average market price of Sia Coin).
    • Monitoring average market price of Sia Coin.
    • Monitoring average price of storage on Sia network.
    • Remote configuration of siad operating parameters.
    • Monitoring of storage utilization and various siad metrics.
    • Monitoring computer metrics such as memory and network bandwidth utilization.
    • Remote unlocking of Wallets on all participating nodes.

    Sia Cluster is built on top of NodeJs using our in-house web application development framework "IRIS".

    Sia Cluster is a server that works together with Sia Node. Sia Node is a program that runs alongside of siad and provides secure RPC relay between Sia Cluster and siad.

    You need to be somewhat technically proficient to setup Sia Cluster (as it is a client-server infrastructure). Nothing to worry about though, it is rather simple and we are around on Sia slack to help.

  • Nice! Will certainly have to give this a try across a few instances.

    -- -- Your PPS Sia Pool.
    I'm not affiliated or work on the Sia/Nebulous team.


  • Sounds good. Good luck with the project

  • We have released Sia Cluster v0.9.2-rc1 which now comes as a standalone setup for win64, linux64 and darwin platforms.

    Sia Cluster "Bundle" zip file includes both Sia Cluster and Sia Node configured to run on If you already have siad or Sia-UI running, you can download and run Sia Cluster to monitor your local instance.

  • very cool

  • We've brought up an instance of Sia Cluster in demo mode, available here:

  • nice to see sia is annoucned cluster for it's users, now we can monitor and manage multiple instances of sia on our remote computer from a central location. it's interface is also good like web dashboard

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