ughhh i think ive lost almost 10000 sia coins.. :(

  • sia ui isnt working and overr 1000 kept getting sent confirmed to a sia wallet or bittrex and i cnat figure out where or get in and i feel ive now lost my multiple days of mining , ugh be very careful settting up your A3 as sia Ui is terribl e and doesnt work lags and locks u out

    J L U X


  • Dont worry buddy. I had nearly 80k in sc just up and poof.

    The transactions were on the explorer, i took screen shots and reported them to sia. They said it would clear, days passed and still nothing.

    I asked again and they said 'reload' your wallet by uninstalling and resynching. Then low and behold no coins at all.

    The transactions and everything were 'fixed'. Something fishy going on here.

    Now I dont fet answers to any of my emails.

    Sia has some real issues.

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