Unrecognized transactions listed in Sia Wallet

  • I have been receiving coins from mining for a while and the deposits come in regularly and they are always for 1000 coins + change. Just now, these two transactions showed up in my wallet. one for a tiny withdrawal (-0.088 sia) , and the other for a "zero" transaction. Does anybody know what these are? I did not initiate these transactions obviously. I do no hosting. All I do is check the balance occasionally.

    Today at 16:23 0 SC 4258b65a5458dcabb19378ee9623b9c38d0a62daccc45ada710fd2fe60da1173 Confirmed

    Today at 16:23 -0.088 SC f9112201e0f3b59784053b0c0f7cdb2f5fe3f2a4d1f65a5418140457cd8d83eb Confirmed

    Thanks folks!

  • @FroggyBumBum If I am at risk, what is best course of action?

  • FUCK THEY MIGHT BE MINE :( please email me asap at [email protected],com i can send you times and see if its mine

    J L U X


  • I had the same thing just happen to my wallet today, about 15 minutes ago. Two transactions that I did not create:

    Today at 20:00 0 SC c8b5abce5f89fe31e9e9ea65d1b819fcf70947cd69fe3f27e1f38b7e0fe0c80b Confirmed
    Today at 20:00 -0.088 SC 76d651137d26ade5b66b9aa359e082d9f385153b67252e8765c495a21982d9b0 Confirmed

    Does anyone know what causes this?

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    @FroggyBumBum @jeecom
    This are fees from the auto wallet defragmentation and are normal.

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