I want to stop mining, but I still have an unpaid balance SiaMining.com

  • Hey, I can only make around 3 or so SiaCoins mining with my 1080ti every 12 hours, so I wanted to see if any generous miners out there would mind lending me a hand to reach the 100SC minimum payout. Currently, my unpaid balance is 35.64. I have been mining on and off for the past month, but after the influx of A3 miners, I couldn't realistically make a profit. The address I have for receiving the SiaCoins is 0b25d85db607e0e13ee71d124d7874dee038b1697aa0c9d6501782ce63d7b813dacc8bdc79b5 and I would be grateful for even an hour of someone pointing their miner(s) to my payout address to help me finish up. Thanks in advance for anyone willing to go out of their way to help a random guy.

  • I'm in the same case. On nanopool, I have 30coins unpay. Even if nanopool distributed 10 000 Sia, I do not advance.
    I hope someone can help :)

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