Lost coins during Bittrex wallet issue...

  • I did a transaction from my personal wallet to Bittrex wallet when Bittrex had issues with the wallet and the transaction got confirmed in my personal wallet but never reached Bittrex Wallet.

    Below the link to my Hash:


    I also made a ticket on Bittrex... they just got back to me saying the bellow:

    "The address/transaction id you provided does not show any coins sent to the address associated with your account. We can only credit coins that are confirmed on the block chain and sent to your Bittrex address.

    You sent your coins to aecbbb6a5305ee32333387f68b0baabee96ca5c613b99505d55e008e8bc52bc6

    This address is not associated with your Bittrex account.

    https://explore.sia.tech/hashes/2645fa49e7e3cbb4dc021ce3350a709db3cc97385c623d3f318792f7b1020cad "

    yet... the address they mention is actually the output id as seen on "explorer.siahub.info" and the "receiver" that I see on the Siahub explorer is the correct address from my Bittrex account... Am I missing something?

    Please help!


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    Make sure this address is your Bittrex wallet address for SCaecbbb6a5305ee32333387f68b0baabee96ca5c613b99505d55e008e8bc52bc6.

    If it is correct and the transaction is on the blockchain, try open a new ticket again on Bittrex.

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