Running your business with absolutely no control ?

  • What should I do ?

    Somehow, my 2.7 TB of NAS Space I am hosting, got filled up to 2.1 TB. As no one uses this shared NAS LUN except SiaUI, I am fully sure that only SiaUI has written so much data. So I have less space remaining for hosting.

    However, router ports, my cox (internet) account details, server where I am running SiaUI, all shows that SiaUI has only downloaded 60GB of file from internet. So why 2.1 TB space has been filled so far on my NAS?

    1. Who wrote so much of data to my NAS LUN (only SiaUI has been configured to write there?)

    2. What to do, to get back my space as all check suggest that only 60 GB has been downloaded to by SiaUI from internet

    3. But then again, why is showing that only 4.5 MB space is used?

    4. Exactly what should be my next move (without losing 45 siacoin which is expected)?

    Somebody from the Sia Team must help me here. I am feeling that I am running my lost business and that too without any support. Is this the side effect, severe, of Open source ?

    Prem Kumar


  • RTM: As soon you add a storage folder to sia, sia creates a big file that claim the disk space. Earlier versions of sia claimed only the space that are really rented. So the used space seems to be ok.

  • @lasat

    Yes, I agree and I noticed the same behaviors in Windows 10 Pro where I am hosting. As soon as I added a folder to be used by SiaUI, it blocked 2.6 (all which I configured SIa to Use).

    Windows stated showing that the S:\ is now very less remaining. Agree. Thanks that that S:\ was coming from NAS LUN. So NAS admin console was actually showing me that my LUN is still having 2.6 TB of space remaing, all most the whole of the LUN. Being a .net developer earlier in my life and now as a Solution Architect, I fully accepted and agreed this design.

    This was the situation for the first 15 days or so. Windows S:\ was showing that the drive is almost full (per SiaUI design) and at the same time NAS admin console was showing that its almost empty. So far good.

    BUT , after 15+ days, for continues 24+ hours, I saw that my Windows (SiaUI took 5 GB of RAM) was writing (the process who was writing to NAS LUN = System and 10 threads of SiaUI was running with total of 5 GB memory consumpiton) to my NAS LUN with 9 MB/S. My NAS LUN (which is actually S:\ on windows) is almost full. So my questions, who wrote this much data ?

    Being a purely technical guy, I am not able to digest this. I have only two options - SiaUI team must answer me to help me my original questions or in next few week, I would shut down my space shared. Running a business in loss is one thing for tech gusy, but not getting proper help from SiaTeam is another thing.

    Exactly what should be my next move (without losing 45 siacoin which is expected)?

    Prem Kumar


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