Lost all my contract after updating to 1.3.1 (and also probably all colleterial )

  • Hello. This weekend I did some update for my computer and at the same time update SIA to 1.3.1
    I was running sia 1.3.0 hosting around 2 TB without any issue

    Here are my sia stats


    However, after the update to 1.31 sia would not sync(loading can take a while after upgrading to a new version took around 6 hours), so I redownload consensus.db
    After the download of consensus.db all my contracts where gone, all space was free


    I made a back up of my Sia-UI in %appdata% before updating, so after my panic i start using my old Sia-UI and then all my contract are still there()around 200), but it will not sync. Its stuck (at 97%)

    Is there any way to get my old consensus.db sia to sync ? and still have all the contract alive. (I have try to add more gateways)
    Or have I lost everything? feels kind of unfear because the internet was never down and I still have all data on the drivers. If there was downtime was because of syncing

    Can I us my non synchronizing consensus.db file and let all the contract go and get back the collateral ?

    I have Copy of everything before it stop working, if that can be help to the team I can send this so this will not happen again

    Help :D

    picture attached using sia 1.3.1 with synchronizing consensus.db(I have all contract) and redownloaded consensus.db (lost all contract ☹)

  • here is the picture Sync picture


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    Your contracts are stored in the host folder in the Sia-UI folder located in %appdata%, you should be fine as long as you have a backup of the host folder. Can you try redownloading consensus.db? If your contracts went missing again, try to quit Sia-UI completely from the system tray icon and copy over your backup of the host folder, then relaunch Sia-UI.

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