A3 Antminer Setup Issues-Need Help!!

  • Hello,
    I am hoping you can help me. I have an A3 and have issues getting it running. As you can see below on the System Overview i have the following issue -Hardware Version: Socket Connect failed:Connection refused.

    Miner Type Antminer A3
    Hostname antMiner
    Model GNU/Linux
    Hardware Version Socket connect failed: Connection refused
    Kernel Version Linux 3.8.13 #22 SMP Tue Dec 2 15:26:11 CST 2014
    File System Version Fri Dec 29 17:12:57 CST 2017
    CGminer Version
    Uptime 22
    Load Average 1.13, 0.77, 0.57

    And because of this i believe i have this issue as well:

    Miner Status

    Elapsed GH/S(RT) GH/S(avg) FoundBlocks LocalWork Utility WU BestShare

    Pool URL User Status Diff GetWorks Priority Accepted Nonce# DiffA# DiffR# DiffS# Rejected Discarded Stale LSDiff LSTime

    Chain# ASIC# Frequency GH/S(RT) HW Temp(PCB) Temp(Chip) ASIC status
    Fan# Fan1 Fan2

    I am not sure but i believe it could be related to the Antminer Network Settings. Could you please assist me setting up the Netmask, Gateway and DNS Servers settings!


  • if you can see this massage mean you have internet connection , did you try to save data , when you klick on save A3 should be noisy .
    It can be if the pool is down . I will try to find log files tomorrow maybe will help

  • I have a good internet connection as my laptop is connected to the same network by a switch. I need help with the network setup as i am not sure of what to put for the Gateway and DNS Server values.

  • @ggoldenb

    I have tried that reboot fix multiple times but to no avail.

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