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    I am using this website ( since 3+ weeks. I like it. Its really good and helped me tremendously since last 3 weeks. However here are the few things, but not sure if these are this site's issue or the original SiaUI issue itself which reports the things.

    1. My SiaUI was running for first 14 days. was showing my host, but it was not telling that since how many days my host is up & running . Starting from 15th day, this site started showing that my host is up and running since 1 days and then added 1 day each as day passes. So I lost 7 days. Till now my host is 100% up.

    2. This site ,, is showing that used host space is 4.5 MB. But this is definitely not true. As I am hosting my storage space from a NAS's LUN, I can easly go and check how much GBs of that LUN has been used. After I got my first 18 contracts, my host started downloading renters files day before yesterday and kept downloading for 24 continuous hour. It downloaded more than 800+ GBs. I was monitoring hourly progress on my NAS Admin console. So I know that as of now my NAS LUN is almost 800 GB filed. So should show 800 GB not 4.5 MB which is currently being displayed on the side.
      Not sure if this is the site bug or the bug of the SiaUI app itself.

    My host

    Prem Kumar


  • Open your sia-UI, navigate to the terminal, and run a host-v to get the proper stats on how much space is being utilized. That is really the most accurate place.

    Also, is known to have this issue. It happens to everyone but the information displayed on is not 100% accurate and may not reflect your actual ability to recieve contracts. In that sense you havent really lost 7 days, it just doesn't display the first 7 days with accuracy for you to visibly see.

  • thank you...

    Prem Kumar


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