Siacoin transactio broadcast, coins didn't arrive

  • Hi all,

    I have tried to make a sia transaction from bittrex again, the tx hash is 6a5f6671c577709eceee57e489630da807afc45b18c23fcde450790a76f77550

    The coins again didn't arrive, but bittrex now said, the broadcast the transaction, which means I have to lock for the issue at the receiving end. I can't somehow look up if I messed up the wallet adress, cause it creates a new one every time i click "receive sia" on the software wallet. How can I double check and figure out where the proble is? Can anyone help?

  • @sebilation
    Your transaction has been completed:

    The wallet address change everytime you click the receive coin button. All the address are usable and are linked to your seed. You can list all the addresses generated by typing wallet addresses in the terminal of Sia-UI.

    If you cannot see your transaction,

    • Make sure you are using the latest version of Sia-UI (v1.3.1), older version of Sia-UI will be incompatible with the current network thus not showing your transaction.

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