I haven't got 2 transactions from mining pools to my Sia-UI wallet

  • Both transactions were made on 30/01/2018 and didn't get to my wallet. But there were several transactions from these pools before and also several after, which were succesfull. The wallet is 100% synchronized.
    First one from Siamining pool:
    Transaction ID: bb8809b4c8229f6cbda8f0878614154f26d2ff13fa72bb83b17aa2d49f40ee51
    Output ID: 0da56abbef3eab4baeb03f390641c7f22352a33359f64f30ca1cc23a6154b030
    Amount: 958.77 SC
    Receiver: ba66858eced44bb5976987052424ed3dbc6491045218546245febb5f6f7a9f586509cea6449b

    The second one from Luxor:
    Transaction ID: e904bff210b0a7c221392ca3419158e1c8aec3081941edb2c319d60c1fd1f94d
    Output ID: 9e25f1db2c6ba6e84b9ad7f72a2590fb412eb7f70786a5fe9a658501a7a326fe
    Amount: 520.18 SC
    Receiver: ba66858eced44bb5976987052424ed3dbc6491045218546245febb5f6f7a9f586509cea6449b

    And one more problem the same day - 30/01/2018 - transaction was not received in my Poloniex account though it is in the explorer:
    Transaction ID: 2ef68d8c78cc82a6948480c5c5eda16f61b24798ed3d99755cdc87bbd760b1d2
    Output ID: 8cb92d573b4cfc32f701b6ea0eefbecb1139160e76684c61c0a5058562c238a4
    Amount: 3,400.00 SC
    Receiver: 2fb3d262043d652017d52423ca7fc88cc322d477c4d4873d39c3c1563ff9d72f68c467531c0b

    May be it was something wrong with sia wallet that day? How can I get all these coins?

  • Global Moderator

    All your transaction has been completed as the TXID can be found on the blockchain explorer https://explore.sia.tech

    • Make sure you are using the latest version of Sia-UI (v1.3.1) since the old version of Sia-UI is incompatible with the current network.
    • Compare your blockheight with https://siastats.info, the blockheight in your wallet should be the same or higher than the blockheight shown on the website.

    If the above method does not solve your issue, try this https://siawiki.tech/wallet/lost_transactions_troubleshooter

    Update trobleshooting guide: https://blog.sia.tech/troubleshooting-the-recent-hardfork-ca77e0b17f0f

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