Feedback for Wallet Developers

  • I'm not sure if there's a published feature road map for the Windows wallet and apologize if this is covered elsewhere. This is a feature request..

    I'm using the Sia wallet on Windows. It would be extremely helpful if the wallet maintained a log the fiat (USD) value for each transaction. There should probably be a preference for the user to choose from among the major fiat currencies.

    Based on recent IRS tax rules that crypto currency is to be treated as property, people in the USA need a USD equivalent value for each crypto currency transaction in addition to the date/time & crypto value of the transaction. If the wallet kept record of this, each user would not need to manually keep track per transaction. The way the wallet works is a good model. It keeps track of the crypto, USD at transaction time, and USD current value for each transaction.

    It would also be helpful to be able to CSV export the transaction log. (Now you have to select, and copy/paste to spreadsheet.)


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