Could sbd please confirm my old sia-adress by sending a single coin?!

  • Hi people,

    as many others stated before my sia-adress disappeared in my wallet after i created it a while ago. I might actually have deleted the adress instead of it just disappearing =/ it does not appear if i check my adresses in the terminal, too.

    So I read a bunch of posts about the adresses being linked to the seed forever, but also others saying their payments were lost when they hit the payment threshold mining with a pool. Scince my payment threshold is faaaaaar far away for sia, i don`t want to take any chances and mine for nothing.

    Thus i have the bold plea to one of you helpful and generous strangers. Would anybody be so kind to send me a single Siacoin or whatever the minimum payment is to my adress so that I can be sure it is still linked to my account? I know that asking strangers on the internet to gift something to you seems useless and stupid but it would make me feel a lot safer. So if you are willing to make my day and future days until I hit the threshold, my adress is:


    Thanks a lot in advance!


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