It is time for the sia-coin team to make a big complain to, because this is not good enough!

  • It is time for the sia-coin team to make a big complain to, because there seem to be a large group of sia-coin users like me who try to send or receive sc-coin from and our coin have gone to no-man-lands (missing).

    This is completely unfair for us users who trusted the sia-coin network and as a exchange who take exchange-fees for selling and buying sia-coins.

    I personal have not have any coins missing before when I send or receive other coins services.

    Every users here in the sia-coin community have brought there coin with hard earn money$, therefore we demand answers to our missing coins :(

    For anyone who want to buy/sell/send/receive sia-coin I suggest to use or other exchanges. I have send and receive sc-coins from and have no problem other then waiting for hours for the coin to come, however I did got my sc-coin within 48hours in busy hours. In non-busy hours i got my sc-coin within 30minutes, not bad.

    I Hope we get our missing coins soon, if not we need to think twices before using for exchange services, because I don't think anyone want to risk any coins with any longer.

    by KKC ;)

  • Поддерживаю, с Abucoins отправил монеты 136000 SC на Poloniex 14 января, до сих мой депозит на Poloniex 0. Открыл билет - молчат

  • Just dropping by to say YES!
    I've been stuck for over 16 days , 14 days since I opened ticket and still no response.
    Alot of my friends were willing to invest in SIA but they want to keep their coins offline in fear of an exchange getting hacked.
    They all invested in other coins due to the difficulty of moving/storing the coins...
    FYI tx ,

    Tickets list
    Being Processed since 13 days 8 hours
    #711608 Missing SIA deposit
    ****** reported 13 days ago
    Deposited SIA from my offline wallet still not showing up , explorer says transaction confirmed.

  • Can someone help me?

    I`ve withdrawn from poloniex and i cant see the tx id on the sia explorer. how long does it take to find my tx id there?

    Complete SC 1019.97311829
    2018-01-29 19:37:36
    Address: 9669093b296d6b0b2fe0268937680b9f7fcc97449bd49020b299c674ef83fbb48cc7187c32ae
    Txid: f7ab06e3aa359080a2523ded8f9d9020940c68ce42b5fe85872357a85034dbf6

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  • This post is deleted!

  • This has also affected me. As a first time miner, it s a rather disappointing experience to spend so much on a miner and never receive any payout from it. Please make this a priority. It just puts a stain on the entire project.

  • There are so many complaints about poloniex, request some one from sia developers to look into it. I also lost 25000 coins which were successfully transferred from my one polo wallet to other polo wallet, it has been 25 days, still no reply from polo, no credit of coins. Lost huge sum of money.

  • Request to Sai support team says

    "The SiaCoin team has confirmed there is a bug in the wallet and that they are working on a patch. Deposits and withdrawals will remain disabled until this patch is implemented and tested."

    16k sia coins are held in their wallet. please assist.

    Some of the transactions:

    Pending (0 of 6) SC 1505.53608241
    2018-01-26 13:56:06
    Address: a5faadcac5dad616efbc50945860af02f5361fb24395b
    Txid: ff8f38844b549a6f52a6be0a1184bc425fe55cf4db8a97f5637f49fdcdef954d

    Pending (0 of 6) SC 2098.92021611
    2018-01-26 02:00:01
    Address: a5faadcac5dad616efbc50945860af02f5361fb24395b
    Txid: 1c52b43f24c54cb55e66d4f27c187994d568ec3026e4a92634db8b0de8ffb7ec

    Pending (0 of 6) SC 2775.72787943
    2018-01-25 13:55:20
    Address: a5faadcac5dad616efbc50945860af02f5361fb24395b
    Txid: a0d880509a16375e241c0cc8c114d1c2a526dd5ea339ad49ee0c28269a453086

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