A3 Mining Siacoin Drop At Tremendous Speed

  • Dear all, I own 2 units of A3 and start mining 2 days ago, the first day I got usd 300 income per machine per day.
    On the second day I got 250usd per machine per day and lastly today drop tremendous fast and now my average is 130usd per mac per day. Don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Pls take note.

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    @haimeh222 As more and more A3 units release the lower and lower your profit. It looks like there are at least 150 more units for sale on ebay. Unfortunately that is what happens when you buy units from a company that doesn't release how many units they're going to sell. You'll probably get down to $10-$50/day and then even lower once 2500 more Obelisks release in May. Good luck.

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  • Hello,

    The issue is not because you bought an A3 from a company which doesn't release how many units there are in the batch... If you buy an Obelisks units even if you know there will be 3598 units you are going to get the same issue : that 's the law of crypto... And the choice of Sia team.

    More units, more difficulty and less money...

    The reel problem here even for those who will get their Obelisks units in may is that the siacoin get stuck at $0.02...

    The team made the choice to create an inflationist coin. There are 32 billions of Siacoin right now and because of that the SC get some difficulty to get worth.

    If you expect that SC reach $1 at the end of 2018, you are wrong.

    The market cap should be at $39billions for that - that pretty much impossible.

    If the value of SC is over $0.1 at the end of 2018, that will be a very good result...

  • The price of SC is dropping fast in the past few weeks. It is know below 0.0000019 and this is scary. Does anyone know why it is dropping so rapidly?

  • @afkhami
    Well, if one would know why did the price rise before this drop...

    The coin price is purely speculative at present as the network is still not ready for enterprise level usage.
    We can guess/assume the latest rise was a manipulation to help bitmain sell their miners.
    The previous rises? Either because all (most) cryptos were in uptrend or the assumption Sia is nearly ready for mass adoption and the coin was bought in hope there will be high demand in near term.

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