My siacoins not showing in poloniex wallet despite confirmation on Sia Explorer

  • same thing happen to me....and same messages too.....till today.....nothing in my poloniex siacoin wallet.

  • The same thing happened to me. Three days ago I transferred siacoin from bittrex to poloniex and I still do not have them in my wallet.

  • Same happened to me 2 days ago with 10,600 coin. Hasent showed up yet but Wallet said completed. Will update if it shows up

  • ТОже самое и у меня уже больше 15 дней перевел на Poloniex 136000 sia, Poloniex молчит

  • Same here - 26,000 SC that are marked as successfully transferred, but nothing in my Poloniex account.

  • Same to me, deposit 17000 SC but nothing in my Poloniex, write email to them but no reply for 2 days

  • The same thing! 3400 Sc didn't appear on poloniex wallet from 20 of January. And the same day 2 transactions from mining pools to my wallet also confirmed on explorer but didn,t get to my wallet.

  • I have tried to complain them over twitter but of no use.

    Will sia developers come to rescue. Why they are avoiding talking over this. If they know poloniex is doing such a fraud , why they are not de linking themselves from poloniex. At least those who may become victim of this fraud in future would be saved.

  • I've transferred 2269 SC from my desktop wallet to Poloniex on 27th January 2018.
    ID: 3a6f60417d3bb05f76f99068181c44cb1645efcd42a43ae73c8184a31f244c60.
    The deposit is still missing in Poloniex and no answer from Support even the ticket is 11 days old.

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