How did i just spent 170k sc ?!

  • I just wanted to try to upload something and went ahead to buy 10gb. The first thing i noticed was a wrong display of the cost, then I hit the accept button. After some failed attempts to upload something i restarted the Siaui and then i saw how 170k of my sia were gone .
    Here is a screen of how that looks like .
    Can someone clarify what happened there . Im not extremly mad bout this but I'd still like to know why this happened.
    Thanks in advance

    @Taek @Global-Moderators

  • It would be much more helpful if you'd post it in text format rather than as a screenshot.
    It looks like there are not enough hosts available currently and for some you have to specify allowance that large.
    The good thing is, if you don't use the contract, you'll get your coins back.

  • @Veber how long will the contract be up. I cant provide text atm i will once im at home again. Im still pretty confused what caused that massive coin transaction. How can i prevent that from happening?

  • There are currently no tools to see the terms of contract (at least, not in the client). You can confirm that it's indeed the contract (and not just a transfer) by checking the transaction ID using sia explorer .
    I don't know what is the default contract length when you use the UI. It cannot be more than half a year, but most likely it's something much less.

  • @Veber . So is this a contract and will i get the coins back. Are you able to tell why it took so much coins or how i can prevent it from taking so much again(obviously not charging my wallet with that much would prevent that , but I think there should be a better way) .
    Maybe @Taek knows?

  • This is definitely a contract, but as I mentioned before, I don't know of any tools that could translate in into a human-readable form.
    There is some workaround for avoiding charges this high: you can use terminal version of renter, where you specify the amount of siacoins for allowance instead of the desired storage size.

  • The good news, as you said, is you will get your money back at the end of the contract period (what you don't use for storage that is). Unfortunately when you hit accept you locked those coins for future use with the contract. Essentially setting them aside saying this is what I'll pay for storage with. The reason the number was so high was due to a price estimation error, but when you agreed to set aside that amount Sia set aside the entire amount. The bug has been patched in the mean time, and you should be able to upload files, etc as you normally would. Hope that helps.

    Here's the patched version:

  • This post is deleted!

  • @droghio
    I updated to 1.0.1 now the wallet says i use 0/1TB even though i clicked 10gb. And when i dont upload anything to the server which i cant since i only have one contract, i get every single sia back or just the 176k - some fees or whatever ?

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    @seitrox can you post the output of both siac renter -v and siac renter contracts?

    I'm pretty sure that's what is happening here is that the GUI was heavily overestimating the price of storage, then giving the renter an allowance that was way too large. So, instead of buying 250GB of storage you bought more like 10TB of storage.

    Sorry about that. We released a patch to fix it, and are looking further to make sure nothing else is wrong.

  • I pretty much made the same mistake, although I only lost a small amount.

    I now have 1TB availabe, the GUI says. Somehow, I cannot upload any files because "not enough contracts to upload file".

    I tried buying 10gb just as a test, costing me 1.6 KS but it gave me an error saying it couldn't find any hosts willing to accept the contract (and a giant list of all the hosts). 3 of them had the maximum duration set too low, a couple due to "unconfirmed transactions" and the rest did not have enough coins.

    So I didn't get any extra contracts (I checked "renter contracts") but I still lost that 1.6KS to not a single host?
    I could use the terminal. The GUI needs more options nonetheless. Length of contract, a more exact amount perhaps, and more exact data on what it's going to cost you (not "estimated funds"). Maybe even choosing your own hosts or their general area, and their costs.

    I do love the idea though so I'm not abandoning it just yet.

  • admins

    @EvoSteven thanks for hanging in there through all the errors. Before you can upload a file, you need to form contracts with at least 14 hosts. Your renter will try to form contracts every block until it can get to the minimum of 14.

    the 1.6KS that you lost is locked in some number of contracts less than 14. If you give it time, the renter should eventually get to 14 contracts.

  • @Taek Any idea on how long that might take? I'm not particularly impatient, but I bought the 1TB (woops) over 24 hours ago.

  • @Taek

    siac renter -v

    Renter info:
    Storage Spending: 0 H
    Upload Spending: 0 H
    Download Spending: 0 H
    Unspent Funds: 170.1 KS
    Total Allocated: 170.1 KS

    No files have been uploaded.

    siac renter contracts

    Host Value Data End Height ID 170.1 mS 0 B 70769 fe37bd418900b35f025b39f1b02a151a31f1ea89ef09c49e432c0e2fab1135ba 169.3 KS 0 B 70769 5f5df1e30e262f5f4e0a6d0f4ab8aa830da8401b711452ce5fd473c469db71a6 850.6 SC 0 B 70769 69f7c326cdcf0a7d0986b3c8a933445980ebf7067c1ef7d526dab7912317f806

    There you go.
    So do i get my coins back after the contracts are done and how long would that maybe take?

  • admins

    12 weeks =/

  • @Taek but i do get all unspent funds then . I was gonna hold sia anyways if in the wallet or in a contract doesnt rly matter in the end.

  • @seitrox I am now wondering this too since I've just had 27k put into a file contract I believe (I guess it keeps going idk).

    I am hosting though so having a 27k hole is kind of a big deal since I need it for locked collateral...

  • @EvoSteven I dont host but since the contract says its unspent ill probably get them back as the guys above stated and if not im not to mad either ^^

  • Ever since I pressed "accept" on that 10gb with the ridiculously high estimated funds number, SIA has been draining my funds slowly. About 80k is now locked into contracts which is a severe problem if you're hosting (collateral). One specific contract cost me 50KS and I still don't have enough contracts to upload anything.

    I'm scared to add more SIA because it will just get drained again :p
    I know I should get it back but I could really use that collateral.

  • admins

    Are you running a host right now? It's much more likely that those coins are going to people forming contracts with you. Can you paste the output of siac renter -v and siac renter contracts, as well as siac host -v? (you can put those commands into the terminal plugin, and you can type 'help' into the terminal plugin if you want to see a list of more things that you can do).

  • @Taek Oh I know about locked collateral and all that. That is not the case here though.

    Doing siac host, I can see I currently have 2.273KS locked collateral.

    Doing siac renter -v shows me a total of about 85.59KS unspent funds (and total allocated because I can't upload anything.)

    I'd post the outputs but I'm not home right now and use my phone for remote access. (too much work)

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