Questions on running a Sia host!

  • So I'm building some junk to run a Sia host. The parts basically include:
    A five or so year old PC (Don't have yet)
    4 1TB WD Blue drives in a software Raid 5
    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
    A wifi card
    Maybe a UPS if I can

    But I have some questions!

    1. How do I connect a wallet I already have to host with? I viewed the hosting guide on the forum last night and it only went over creating a new wallet. I'm sure it's possible to use an existing wallet, right?

    2. Is there any minimum bandwidth for this? I only have about 4Mbps available for upstream and about 30Mbps for downstream. There is now a speed limiter within the Sia program... I hope?

    3. If my computer's power supply, motherboard, boot drive, or any other critical part went out and I had a spare computer to throw the drives with the Sia data into, would this be a viable solution to getting back online quickly?

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