Reopened my wallet, sia gone

  • I just reopened my wallet after a while and my SIA was gone. Transaction looks like it happened at 11:33 today. This is pretty weird as I wasn't hosting. I did host a long time ago but that shouldn't take any SIA out of my wallet after 7 months. Or should it?

    This is the transaction : e0f2ba843d29e6bf87179c8622151bd7a959d94f85a330736e402e9a21343483

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    @RazvanI Were you renting? You could try reinstalling your wallet file or using the wallet service in my signature to see if the coins are really gone.

    Make sure you tag me @bryan if you need to me respond.
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  • I wasn't renting either.

  • @bryan My wallet is empty. I wasn't renting, haven't accessed my wallet in months and right when I've accessed it, that SIA transaction happened. Very weird.

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