SC lost in network or on the exchage?

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    17/12/2017 I sent 10k SC to my cold wallet from poloniex. Txid not generated and transaction marked as error, but coins wanished from exchanges wallet. I asked support to check case and return money back since it happaned twice but have no reaction on my tickets. Are coins defenetly lost or it's exchange's wallet problem also known to you guys?

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    @SCproblem The exchanges do not handle the wallet well. You need to submit tickets until it is resolved.
    Remember that if you sent coins to a wallet, it must be the latest version and fully synced.

    Make sure you tag me @bryan if you need to me respond.
    Forum Mod. I cannot fix transactions. I can't help with Mac or Linux.
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    Unofficial Web Based Siacoin Wallet. No more syncing.


  • Same problem here I made a deposit on this date: 2017-01-18 time 12:41 on Poloniex and ..nothing...
    My wallet is syched (current version and all that) , I made a ticket 9 days and 16 hours ago and nothing from Poloniex side..
    I simply do not know what to do any wallet it is showing the transfer and I can see it on the blockchain (sia.explorer) but nothing in the deposit/history tab of poloniex.
    I hate so much that I canot contact poloniex via a phone to fix this issue.

  • Hi,

    I've got a similar problem.
    End of july, I sent coins from Poloniex to my Sia-UI wallet but never received them. Poloniex gave me a TXID which doesn't exist on the blockchain (sia.explorer).
    I created a support ticket but only received automatic answer. No one at Poloniex is really looking into it.
    It's now been 6 months since I lost my coins ....nobody cares...
    Transaction Date : 2017-07-26 05:50:10
    Address: 81cfca82fbb9498f0afd0138d42c0a7212b8669e8af48fbe887a6a6a65da5c72ce7ac2e680f2
    Txid: 6cfe49adfaf21e176ea3bf5541f1a7c75f83d399093f90ef714b7aeaf605c04f

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