Mining coins rate substantially decreased

  • So, I have been Dual mining SIA Coin with ETH for a while and the calculator on Nanopool consistently told me that I can generate over 2000 SIA coins a month. Which is true, because I have had a few payouts in the past. My SIA coin hash rate is around 2800Mh/s. I am on the same hash rate as before but today, bizarrely, Nanopool is showing that I can only generate about 230 coins a month. That's a decrease of around 1770 from yesterday.

    Can anyone who is experienced in mining shed some light on this issue, please? There is nothing wrong with my hash rate and my rig is finding the same amount of shares but SIA coin calculator is not showing stats correctly.

    Screenshot can be viewed through this link >

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Confirm.
    Today the same problem with the mining siacoin at Nanopol.
    And judging by the top sheet of Nanopool miners, they have the same problem.
    Namely: not a single mained siacoin in almost 24 hours!

  • Same here. Mining at 2.9 Gh/s all day and not one coin. Normal amount of shares.

  • Siamining as a pool seems to have done much better - 21 blocks in the past 24 hours as of the time of this post vs Nanopool with only 2 blocks within the same period of time. Is it worth switching over to Siamining?

  • I have only been mining for 2 weeks but also noted a rock bottom drop off in nanopool siacoin mining 60 hours ago

  • Looks like fixed now
    28 sia a few minutes ago and now 26 more

  • @docofherbs Agreed. Mining back to normal and my payout time went from 20 days down to 2 over the course of the day.

  • Mine is still not working. Balance and unconfirmed balance zero. Shares accumulating. Calculator shows I should be earning 16 coins a day. Is there anyone to contact when there is a problem?

  • Same here. I am mining at around 3 - 4 GHs and I was getting a good rate of coin till just a few days ago. So far I have not gotten a single coin since last night and I have been mining straight through. Any suggestions on what I should do to get the flow back up to where it should be?

  • Update: No coins since last night. Whatever was happening is happening again

  • Confirmed. Not a single coins was mined in today's (14th Jan) date, at the time of writing this comment. Wish there was anyone who could explain what the hell is going on. Why am I burning my electricity for zero coins.

  • Same here. This is VERY irritating. Nanopool now says you will reach lime "INVALID DATE" Should we stop mining??????

  • I got a reply from Nanopool support on this issue yesterday. They are pointing to the Sia bug and the high difficulty. If this is true things should pick up after the block height reaches 139000. The calculators are saying that should happen around 3-4 days from now. I happen to think this is not completely true. They are mining substantially less blocks than other pools and the difficulty is the same for everyone. So... what to do until things improve?

    I have been dual mining with Claymore so I wrote a Bash script that monitors my 6 hour hash rate and switches the pool to SiaMining when it gets high enough, then switches back to Nanopool when it gets too low. This keeps my 6 hour hash rate alive and makes me eligible for Block Rewards but also gives me an opportunity to mine into a PPS pool without missing the rewards from Nanopool. This means that every 3 hours or so, I jump over to a different pool and mine there for about 2 hours. Its working well and I got typical rewards from all the blocks mined in the last 24 hours plus a few bonus coins from SiaMining.

    I am a few days away from a payout on Nanopool so after I reach it, I think I will go over to SiaMining until things improve at Nanopool.

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