Missing Wallet Address after Recover from Seed

  • To retrace what happened step by step:

    1. I created a wallet on Computer A and saved the seed ("Seed Set A").
    2. Not knowing that running the same wallet seed on different computes is not recommended, I went ahead and recovered using Seed Set A on Computer B.
    3. After recovering my wallet on Computer B with no issues, I created a new wallet address (the "Wallet Address") on Computer B, and proceeded to use that address to mine Siacoins on Nanopool.
    4. After stumbling upon the Sia FAQ page (https://support.sia.tech/knowledge_base/topics/where-are-my-coins-were-they-stolen), and discovering that the same wallet seed should not run on separate computers, I have, as instructed in the FAQ page, proceeded to delete both wallets with the wallet init --force on both Computer A and Computer B, and subsequently used the Recover Seed feature to restore Seed Set A on Computer B.
    5. Now with Seed Set A restored on Computer B, I wanted to make sure that the Wallet Address I used for mining on Nanopool is correctly associated with this wallet, so I tried to check using wallet addresses at the command line, but I do not see the Wallet Address in the output. In fact, none of the addresses previously generated using the Sia UI client is there.

    My questions are therefore:

    1. Has anyone ever experienced anything similar? Is this normal behavior?
    2. Both clients on Computer A and Computer B were 100% synchronized, both wallets were empty when I deleted them, and I have yet to receive my first Siacoin payout from Nanopool. When I eventually receive a payout from Nanopool, will that address re-appear under wallet addresses? Or do you think that wallet is lost forever?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    @domtkho As long as you aren't hosting or renting it is perfectly fine to run on two computers. Your wallet can have hundreds of addresses and will appear on both wallets at long as the seed is the same.

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