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    I'm a new miner in this whole SIA business. I'd like to ask why everytime i try to check my wallet on explore.sia.tech i get message "404 Oops! Something went wrong and the page you were looking for couldn’t be displayed. Try the home page."?

    My first thought was that I've created my wallet wrong (using siapaperwallet.co), but it happened to every account from my pool I've tried to check.


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    Are you using nanopool? The link to view your TX changed and nanopool had not change their website.
    What nanopool is using: https://explore.sia.tech/hash.html?hash=YOUR_TXID_HERE
    The new link: https://explore.sia.tech/hashes/YOUR_TXID_HERE

    Copy your TXID from the link and find them in the explorer, you should be able to find them.

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  • @SandBlock
    Yes, that was it.

    Thank you very much!

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