Bittrex Wallet Disabled SiaCoin?

  • Are there any updates on when Siacion will be active and enabled on Bittrex Exchange?

  • Global Moderator

    Probably tomorrow. The Sia and bittrex teams are currently working together to fix the issue

  • @Fornax my SIA Wallet on Bittrex has been "under maintenance" / disabled since before Xmas. My wallet message say "Wallet Disabled - Pending developer code updates" - implying the problem is on your side. Can you please work with them to resolve this. Thank you.

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    The Sia team is actively working with Bittrex to solve the problem. The estimate I gave two days ago was based on some information I got from the dev team, in hindsight is appears to be very optimistic.

    Yesterday the dev team made an official announcement regarding bittrex which says it should be fixed by Friday:

  • Friday is long gone and it is still not working.

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