a general question what is wrong with sia wallet and when will it be fixed?

  • As we can see, there is so much problem trapped the exchange of siacoin. Especially, in the platform bittrex and poloniex, the siacoin cannot be withdraw or deposit. This indeed do harm to the development of siacoin. When will this problem be fixed? anyone knows it or just let it be a hundred years to be fixed?

  • I believe the exchanges have the ability to fix the problem now because the devs finished the fix. They just need to do it.

  • @eckomega i have checked the twitter of sia team . they declare no progress on this issue. I think this is a problem bcs people want to exchange their sc but find no way.

  • FYI

    They just posted today that Bittrex has the fix and should be implementing it when they get to it. Polo is not a trusted exchange.

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