Did I mess up my mining address

  • I have been mining sia for about a week, and the wallet stopped working. I looked up solutions and i ended up having to reinstall and resynchronize my wallet, only thing is I do not know if my mining address is still the same as clicking receive siacoin just gives me the option to generate new addresses. Is my old adress still connected to the wallet or do I have to start over with a new address. I am mining on Luxor so I only have about 50 sia coins that haven't been sent to me yet, but are mined through the original receiving address.

  • Type "wallet addresses" into the terminal to see all address associated with your seed. They are ALL valid. Any address you have created will continue to stay valid indefinitely.

  • I did type that into the terminal but it did not bring up the address that I have been mining on.

  • So my address that i am mining on, even though it does not show up in the wallet addresses is still valid?

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