How to change Roaming\Sia-UI\sia\ location?

  • I only use my C:\ for the OS and therefor it is pretty small. My other drives have Terrabytes of freespace. But now SIA-UI is hogging 10gb in the roaming app folder on my c:\ drive. Is there any way to change the location and keep SIA-UI working? I'd like to use the official wallet instead of webstorages but it is kind of clunky right now.

    Any tips/helps are more then welcome, thank you.

  • You could try symlinks. This is how it goes...

    1. Close Sia_UI
    2. Move the Sia roaming folder to where you want to store it
    3. Create symilnk to in roaming folder that points to the storage location
    4. Open Sia_UI and hope it works

    If you don't know how to create symlinks check this link. This uses a file explorer extension to easily create the symlinks. There are other similar tools out there too.

    I have not tried this with Sia! I've used it for other things in the past but NOT Sia. It may not work. Make sure you have your wallet seed saved and a backup of the roaming folder on one of your other drives.

    Look into the difference between soft and hard symlinks before moving forward.

    Please let me know if you try this. I'm very interested but don't want to spend the time on testing it on a dummy PC right now.
    If you find another solution, I would love to hear it too!

  • I had the same request and chatted with a member of the discord-community.

    On windows in the %AppData%\Sia-UI\ there is a file named config json.
    move the folder named sia from that folder to the desired location and write the new location in the config.json. the variable called "datadir". Make usre SIA-UI processes are not running.

    I got the advice to change the config.json to point to another location (look for the datadir-tag):
    "datadir": "C:\Users\Lars\AppData\Roaming\Sia-UI\sia"

    How ever I did not try it out, since I did not have the time for waiting for the copy of the roaming folder which is very large.

  • @larsfloe

    Thank you so much. I have done exactly as described and it worked. I moved the sia folder from %AppData%\Sia-UI\ to my other drive and edited the json file and left it in %AppData%\Sia-UI. Started Sia-UI, it synched and is working. All my wallets are correct and the UI works fine.

    Thank you both for your help :)

  • @PWNICORN I changed the datadir path in config.json to the external storage path, but after running the sia wallet, config.json will overwrite the original datadir path in user / roaming ... I did everything possible as a restart, deleting the original wallet, and still the same. Settings must still be somewhere else in the wallet's basic settings, but I have not found anything like that. Thank you for the advice.

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