Poloniex Siacoin withdrawal error

  • On january the 5th I have tried to withdraw my Siacoins from my Poloniex account to my Sia-UI wallet.

    However, an error occured and now I can't see my Siacoins anymore.

    2018-01-05 16:34:20
    Address: 0a85a786bf3f122fd649a7bb4abd7bd49e8b5c8c272961160e2972bcb82b86c97fe43f63ae51

    Could someone please help me to recover my Siacoins?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I think you're not the only one having this issue with Poloniex. I also did a transfer last night but 'til now haven't received the coins. My SIA wallet is already in sync but no coins arrived. This is the 2nd time i encountered such problem. My first failed transfer was last Dec 22 2017. I have reached out their Support but they are not answering. Poloniex has the worst support team in all exchanges.

    Please also update me if you ever recover your coins back.


  • @yllongboy : so you have made a ticket on poloniex on December the 22nd and they haven’t answered you or recovered your Siacoins ever since?

  • Yes i did made a ticket. Then succeeding emails were requests for updates on the issued ticket. Yet, i received nothing from them.

  • @yllongboy : I know we're not alone. In the Sia group on discord, there are also multiple people who have lost their coins on Poloniex. Hopefully Poloniex will answer me soon on the ticket I have created.

  • I also got the same problem.. Just got complete : error message from poloneix

    Is there anybody who can help me??

    I am so sad about it

  • I also cannot withdrawal my coin. They do not answer my support ticket.

  • Finally!
    I received a reply from poloniex support and refunded me after 3 months. :)

  • @yllongboy I'm glad to be able to get it after 3 months. Congratulations. How did they respond to your ticket? Can you share with us?

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