NANOPOOL mining SIA, No coins after 15 hours!!!

  • I have been mining SIA with the ETH at the same time. I have been doing it for about 15 hours. I have a 300 Mh/s and have over 250 shares but I have zero coins is that normal?

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    Are you sure you are using the correct address for your miner config? If you are sure everything is correct and you still didn't see your coins on nanopool, you may consider to switch pool

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    SC: e8f701c1b2b37c8560cd9bbd2ab85e352d27112f51f0cec815a1331dcc2257392f6b53440b4c
    DCR: DsSKZQkB1MZ81o5DtePbmC3swPCzgbtdg6f
    ETH/ETC: 0x5d67690768F0Fc4780c578393Ca567e5bCb38378


  • It was so wierd finally agree the 16th hour all of the sudden bam 7 siacoins. So strange.

  • @papagimp5 Are you using claymore? I'm glad you got your coins. I still can't seem to get mine :(

  • The pool seems to have very seriously reduced/ or stopped rewarding Mining with coins of Sia, 60 hours ago. I still get 300-400 accepted shares an hour from a 5300 Mhz has rate but only 45 siacoins in 60 hours, was getting equivalent of 4000-5000 a month at the rate of shares accepted. Nanopool needs to answer why.

  • No answer from Nanopool after more than 2 month....

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